Optimised Email Newsletter Designs

Email marketing is an essential part of the digital marketing mix. It is an economical and highly accountable way to reach your target audience.

You are probably familiar with the sentence ‘right-click here to download images’. As default both the software and web based email clients strip out the images. This can have a negative effect on your call to actions and the clicks through to the website. We have vast experience in optimising the design for email marketing. The email marketing platform that we use allows us to view the email across all the different email clients i.e. Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. We use this tool to test and refine the design of the newsletter.

Email Newsletter Best Practice

All of our email newsletter designs adhere to best practice guidelines and include:

  • Links to a web version and a text version
  • Clean html
  • Alt tags for all images
  • The correct balance of images and html

Please contact us to find out more about our advanced email newsletter design services.

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