A Mobile App Can Help Increase Your Income?

It can be difficult for some business owners to see the benefits of building a mobile app but there is plenty of hard data that strengthens the case that small businesses need mobile apps.

Having a mobile app for your business is one of the best tools you can use to speak to your existing customers.

Think about this:

• Your business logo ( icon ) on your clients home screen where they will see it everyday.
• Your message or offer in your clients hands with a 97% open rate.
• Increase customer retention and brand loyalty with in app communication.
• The easiest and most effective way to get last minute deals to consumers.
• No deliver costs, no delays, no excuses, no spam email.

Imagine This

Imagine your salon, restaurant or pub is having a quiet day, but 500 of your clients have downloaded your app. You could, with little effort, send an instant push notification to all your clients offering them some kind if incentive to get them through the door the very same day. With an average push notification read rate of around 97%, even a very low 5% response would get you 25 additional clients on that particular day. If you average incentivised sale generated only £50, your turnover would increase by £1250 for the day and thats if they don’t bring any friends along.

You’ve surely noticed this trend; everyone you know and everyone you see seems to have an iPhone or an Android device. Nielsen recently released a study with some very interesting results.

• 62% of 25-34 year olds reported owning a smartphone.
• 18-24 year olds had the next highest smartphone usage rate at 54%.
• 35-44 year olds come in right behind that with 53% reporting smartphone ownership.

Other interesting data points from Google we’ve taken notice of lately include:

• Mobile searches have exploded to over 100 billion mobile searches in 2011.
• People often look for local businesses, where to go and what to do directly from their smartphones.
• 30% of all restaurant searches are done on the mobile phone.
• 70% of smartphone users use their device while shopping in-store
• 53% of searchers purchase as a result of a smartphone search
• 95% of smartphone users have searched for local information
• By 2013, more people will use their mobile phones than PCs to get online

A study that was released by eMarketer looking at time spent by people each day with the major media types. They found that people are now spending more time on their smartphones each day (1hr 5mins) than they are with newspapers or magazines.

In a study conducted last fall, Flurry Analytics found people are now spending more time in native apps vs. the mobile Web (94 minutes per day in apps vs. 72 minutes per day for mobile Web).

Looking at these numbers from a purely defensive standpoint you may think having a mobile app is becoming table stakes for doing business – that is, a necessary thing for doing business in today’s on-the-go, hyper-connected marketplace.

However, there is an opportunity to look at it from a slightly different viewpoint: these devices offer truly unique functionality that you can use to proactively grow your business. One specific example is utilizing push notifications to drive loyal customers into your business with specials and deals. Pushing these to customers’ smartphones is especially useful in creating “real-time” business opportunities. Have empty appointment slots, or empty tables? Send a time sensitive push notification to those with your app and fill those appointments or tables in a couple of hours.

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